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Message started by stone_of_tone on 10/22/09 at 18:19:20

Title: Resonance Control and Tweeks of Substance
Post by stone_of_tone on 10/22/09 at 18:19:20

I have not done any tweeks for a while and decided to put some weight on top of my speakers. I first put a single brass maple shade triple point on top and noticed an improvement to soundstage depth with better image separation-more liquid and at ease. I added a 3lb dumbell to each side too and that futher improved things by tightening up the bass and allowing the midrange to sing even more clearly. By adding any more weight on top it diminished the sound.  

Then I thought about the sides of the cabinet? I went to Home Depot and bought a pair of wood working C-clamps for 7 bucks each and put them across the top facing down just behind the triple point and dumbell and I have to say without getting in to superlative adjectives the sound has a more coherent top to bottom sound. Truly like Steve's picture "if our amps were a picture they would look like this".

All speaker cabinets can use some resonance control. I just found out how good this tweeter and drivers really are by squashing the vibration within. I can't afford YG Acoustics speakers with inert cabs so I suspect a lot of speakers out there could use some help.

Let me know if you have any tweeks you swear by?

Here are my other tweeks/system that make a difference in serving the music where I have to always pry myself from my listening room to serve the obligations that call me outside the room.
-from wall socket to speaker/room treatments:

Dedicated 20amp line, Adcom AC-Enhancer-which has Transport, DTI, DAC and Decware Select #76 pluged in to it. XLO Pro power cord to Select, Select has Herbie's Halo's on all tubes, Sony Transport has single triple point brass on it,  D-60 digital SPDif cable to DTI, Audio Magic Mystic Reference I2S cable to 3.0 Dac, .5 meter Kimber Select 1030 to Selec Amp, Kimber Select 3033 Speaker Cable to Polk LS90's.

The speakers sit on large Tip Toe's screwed in with 28lb rated Vibropods for bottom up resonance control. On top resonance control spoke to above which has made the system holographic.

The components also sit on the floor on maple and the digital components rest on a Townsend CD Seismic Sinc (on concrete floor with thin carpet-NO second floor vibrations). The room is almost the identical size of Steve's previous room in old shop (see Gold Ratio Listening Space-in "Rooms") and room treatments 360 degree's used. I listen at an average listening level of 80 db SPL which sounds louder and of course never any fatigue.

My Dac has volume control via remote wand so it acts as a line stage/preamp-the voltage output can be adjusted to drive the Select - thus my success at driving these 90db/simpler crossover speakers, in this room size with Acoustics Treatments. Steve is right, read/click in to the "Rooms" front menu, the room is half the issue. I have had a treated room for 14 years now.

Of course all of this great music making happens because of that Decware Select Amp with its no negative feedback design with Pentodes run in Triode with Steve's genius topology and output transformer. I still pinch myself over this Amp of Steve's (and I have listened to a lot of Amplifiers since I created a dedicated listening room in 1994).

Thanks Steve, I am working on owning another of your great Amplifiers.

Stone of Tone

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