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Title: DECFEST 2009
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Just a reminder to mark your calendar for OCT 2, 3, 4th 2009 for the DECWARE ZEN FEST, aka DECFEST 2009.  It starts on Friday at noon and ends on Sunday at 5 pm.

This year in the what's new category I will have Decware's first DAC making it's debut.  Also the new TORII MK III will be here and of course the new Mini Torii SEX.  On the speaker front, the new ERR's will be on hand along with all of the Decware loudspeakers.  

So consider this an early reminder and we'll post more details soon.


Steve and crew.

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Post by Steve Deckert on 07/17/09 at 18:28:44

For those not familiar with the fest, it's a casual social event that spans 3 days where anyone can attend who has an interest in hi-fi.

Everything we sell on the website is here for audition and you're welcome to bring your own components to see how they mate up with our gear. Food and drink will be provided all three days and there are a large variety of hotels within a 5 to 15 minute radius of our place in the country. We also have plenty of room for tents and a large fire pit to camp around.  

There is no fees for attending.  Bring your wives, they always end up having a good time here. Meet the Decware crew and see where and how the amps are made. Enjoy the dedicated listening room without time limits.  Listen all night if you like... several do every year.


Just a few more notes about what I have planed special for this year...

FRIDAY and SATURDAY NIGHT AT 10:00 P.M.  I will be demoing the new ZEN TRIODE DAC on my Acoustat Monitor IV's, the speakers that tell all.

Of course during the day and early evenings all the DECWARE speakers and amplifiers will be available for audition, including the the Zen Open Baffle Array that I will have set up on one end of the room.

Another surprise that I'm rather excited about is the final version of our original Zen Triode amplifier, the SE84C, in a further improved chassis done in a white powder coat finish and updated with better binding posts and better volume control! Of course the CCE mod is now standard on this amp.

Pictured above, the new TORII MK III.  Since the Mini Torii SEX introduced at last years fest turned out so good it's fidelity started to threaten our flagship Torii MK II amplifier!  I have since redesigned the MK II and will be introducing the new MK III at this years fest!  It now easily justifies the $1000.00 price difference between it and the Mini Torii SEX.

Any questions are welcome and will be answered here in this thread!

Looking forward to seeing everyone... it's the highlight of my year.


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Post by JasonGmt on 08/02/09 at 09:35:28

Where do I RSVP?  :D

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Post by Steve Deckert on 08/02/09 at 16:19:24

Hi Jason,

Welcome to the forums!  You can RSVP right here.  No reservations are needed to attend, but we can use this thread to get an idea who's coming this year!



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Post by DPC on 08/26/09 at 18:53:24

It goes without saying!

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Post by dank on 08/26/09 at 19:03:56

me too (and Deb)

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Post by Wakanda on 09/01/09 at 13:24:23

Is the Zen Open Baffle Array still in development, or will it be available for purchase?

Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by morpheous85 on 09/08/09 at 16:14:10

I'm in!  I'm bringing a guest.


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Post by Chris K on 09/08/09 at 18:25:05

"love is in the air"? ;)

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Post by Chris K on 09/08/09 at 19:31:48

Would someone be so kind as to bring some seriously good jazz this year? I like it (jazz) but am short on collection/variety, since I passively listen to the jazz channel on DirecTV via SiriusXM.

And on that note I swear sometime I thoroughly dislike the programming director's selections on XM and other times they seem fine. It creeps up on me sorta like listener fatigue and I just get pissed and turn off the XM. Other times I'm fine with the selections.

Anyone else have this happen with music services where you either love or hate the programming on a given weekday or weekend?

See you at FEST!

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Post by Chris K on 09/08/09 at 19:59:44

Oh yes, and Jazz with hammond organ in it! TOO COOL! 8-)

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Post by Steve Deckert on 09/09/09 at 16:04:52


Is the Zen Open Baffle Array still in development, or will it be available for purchase?

Since last year's paper I have spent more time with them using a shielded version of the DFR8 driver and am satisfied with the results.  I will demo them again this year at the fest and observe the reactions I get.  Plans will go online shortly afterwords and the speakers will be added to our product line.


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Post by mike_gagne on 09/10/09 at 08:06:40

Anyone else have this happen with music services where you either love or hate the programming on a given weekday or weekend?

I have often thought the same thing but have often felt it was my differing mental/emotional need at the time. I listen to KCRW music channel all day in my work shop on line from a computer feed in my house as woodworking dust destroys most players, turntables etc. As a prisoner to their picks, I have railed and loved them from moment to moment at times oppositely during a replay of an earlier show. Is it them or me? I am still not sure but I am leaning to a shared issue-it's both. Listener fatigue is assuaged sometimes by a complete change of venue be it tape, cd, radio station, vinyl, or whistling a tune inside my head. And sometimes, not often, I turn off the music and listen to my own thoughts...... I am astounded by what happens.

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Post by Audio Addict on 09/10/09 at 15:03:05

I am sorry I will not be able to attend this year.  This is the same weekend as 2009 RMAF, which I am going to this year.  There is always next year.

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Post by ski bum on 09/13/09 at 23:50:40

Chris K, go get 'All Kooked Out' by Stanton Moore.  Moore is the drummer from Galactic, and this particular album features Charlie Hunter on guitar, and Skerik on sax.  Kinda acid-jazz-meets-nawlins-funky-free-jam type jazz, smokin hot.  Well recorded, too.  It came out of the same sessions as the original Garage a Trois, which was also Moore, Skerik, and Hunter.  Check out any of these guys other works too.

If you want to hear a better mix than that XM stuff, and you can cope with streamed audio, check out KUVO:

I suppose it would be a lot to ask if dogs are welcome by the fire circle during decfest.  Steve?

Oh, and the SE84C+ looks better in black, imo.

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Post by Chris K on 09/14/09 at 03:27:24

I'll check that out Ski!

I'd say if your dog has some manners (no biting) dogs are fine around the House-O-Deckert. But I defer to the host of course. ;)

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Post by Steve Deckert on 09/16/09 at 15:22:50

We have a large fenced yard with a couple basset hounds, so no problem if you have dogs!


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Post by Steve Deckert on 09/21/09 at 17:59:18

As you already know, the new TORII MK III is on sale until after the Zenfest, but for all those who attend the fest, we will be offering everything else we make at 10% off during the fest.  That means orders placed during the fest by those who attend will be 10% off.

Looking forward to seeing everyone... 10 days and counting...

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Post by jpv on 09/23/09 at 21:24:04

I will not be able to attend this year.  :( It is a event I look forward to.
Will you have the webcam going like last year?
I will see you next year.

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Post by Steve Deckert on 09/26/09 at 15:33:47

Web cam... remains to be seen.   I will likely try, but against two obstacles:  A) my memory of how to set it up and B) my wallet!

Steve  ;D

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Post by Steve Deckert on 09/29/09 at 02:43:26

Hope everyone is getting ready for this weekend's fest!  I've noticed that this is the only time every year that my shop gets cleaned!  I ordered little trolls to live under my bench and keep the shop clean by night, but the damn things never showed up.

I have a hand-full of new Decware amps and stuff built and ready this year.  That way if someone gets an impulse while at the show, he or she can go home with something.

Looks like it's going to be overcast and a bit cooler than the 70 degree weather we've been having all September (all summer in fact) so bring a sweater.  If anyone wants to enjoy the outdoor hot tub bring your swim suit.  


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Post by stevef on 09/29/09 at 04:11:53

Julie and I will attend Saturday.


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Post by 76doublebass on 09/30/09 at 02:09:19

Sorry Steve I can't make it this year But maybe next year. I had already made plans well in advance to go AT RMAF 2009.
My computer completely crashed so I have not contacted anyone on your site for a while. I will call u up later and let u know of whatS going on at RMAF. i AM USING THE LIBRARY COMPUTER NOW.
I will be curious about your DAC. How will it incorporate to my Tacam u modified? And what is the cost of this DAC? Maybe you will let uis know
after the fest.
Talk to u soon.
Don Curry :D

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Post by Herman on 10/02/09 at 03:10:06

My wife and I will attend! I will bring my unfinished KIT4 and Kit5 for guidance.


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Post by artyg on 10/02/09 at 12:40:04

I'm a newbie here, what is the address for the Decfest?  Would I be able to buy a set of ERR's and Torii III there at the event?


Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by DPC on 10/02/09 at 15:34:00

Welcome Artyg,

The Address is:
DECWARE / High Fidelity Engineering Co.
75 S. Riverview Drive, East Peoria IL 61611 USA
(309) 822 5255

Yes you can purchase speakers and amps there.

Come by and meet some really nice folks and listen to all the equipment.

See you there.


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Post by jpv on 10/02/09 at 19:25:32

 I am wondering if you are streaming live video of the event like last year? I'm in Connecticut right now and would like to see this years event. Happy listening

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Post by jpv on 10/04/09 at 02:56:32

Hey, Whats going on? I hope the weather is more cooperative there then it is here.  Not cold but wet.
I wore my decfest 06 tee shirt today and I offerd $100.00 to anybody who could tell me what "ITFWSWC" ment. NO winners but alot of creative alternative. some I can't post.
Anyway I'm sure you all had a great time.  Devons soup was a hit and had a good breakfast tomorrow.


Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by stone_of_tone on 10/05/09 at 15:50:57

Hey Jpv from Terre Haute via Long Island, I could not make it this year neither. You need to get a Decware Amp to run those Proac's  8-). The Torii III comes to mind..... ahhhh?!

Anyway, I would like to read about impressions of the new III with the now additional tube regulation and the CCE mod. Drumsgreg CCE modded his II and is running a pair of Eminent Tech Speakers (83db 1watt/1meter) know this Amp can drive just about anything. How was it with Steve's big guy panels?

Cheers, working on owning the new III - Stone of Tone  8-)

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Post by Lon on 10/05/09 at 17:41:45

I guess everyone is SPEECHLESS. :D

Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by Randy in Caintuck on 10/05/09 at 18:26:23

Nope ..... just suffering from "automobile lag" .....  

Dave and I got back about 10:00 PM last night and I was too pooped to post.

Had a great time ..... many thanks to the Decware crew for the hospitality and especially to DeVon for her traditionally superb soup .....

I have had two opportunities to hear the Mini Torii amplifier over the past few weeks, once at the Mini-HornFest and again at the DecFest and it is one fine amplifier.  It works extremely well with all of the speakers at both events and has a truly unique and musical sound.

As for Steve's new DAC, it is a true wonder of versatility.  In addition to sounding very, very good ..... it has some wonderful features built in that allow an almost endless ability to tailor the sound to the associated equipment and /or recordings.

For anyone who thinks that good sound cannot be had from a USB input from a computer, I can now beg to differ.

If you can't get your system to sound good with this DAC, there is something seriously wrong in the rig ..... and it's not the DAC.

It was good to see some old friends and to make some new ones .....  

OK ..... I'm done for now ..... and I know there were others in attendance .....  

Let's hear it .....


Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by deucekazoo on 10/05/09 at 19:01:28

It was a fun time and I learned a lot talking to everyone. This was my first time attending. I second the Mini Torii. That amp had a sweet sound. My main purpose was to listen to all the speakers that Decware has. All I have to say is I was impressed. They all sounded great but I did have my favorite, well actually two. The ERRs sounded great and a beautiful looking speaker. But my favorite was the corner horns. I call it the wall of sound. Those speakers just fill the whole room. Huge sound, but what is amazing about them is the bass they produce from a 6" full range. The only way to describe it is quick and deep. I wish I had more time to spend there but other things got in the way. I would like to thank all the Decware folks for the hospitality.


Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by Lon on 10/05/09 at 19:44:02

Thanks for weighing in guys!

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Post by dla405j on 10/05/09 at 20:04:00

..another great time at Decfest!  Thanks to the Decware crew for their efforts and hospitality.  Again I learned much and was challenged by what I heard and again had to throw out some long held misconceptions about audio.  Steve has raised the bar again in digital sound...his new dac and cd player beats my tried and true vinyl by a substantial margin...back to the drawing board for me as I rethink the possibilities of digital ala decware!..I received a lot of wise counsel from Decware veterans and met/made some new friends...thanks everybody for a wonderful event..
Dave Atteberry

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Post by eagertrader on 10/05/09 at 21:12:44

I am beyond sorry that I wasn't able to attend the fest. Since I am new to the site and a Decware customer in waiting on top of that, I am on the fence as to which direction to go (Mini or full Torii.) I would really appreciate some feedback from the attendees, as to the differences they were able to perceive between the Mini Torii-SEX and the Torii Mark-III. I have a pair of efficient (98db) back loaded horn towers. Listen primarily to classical music.
Thank you in advance for posting a reply.

Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by stevef on 10/06/09 at 04:16:30

First let me say that Julie and i enjoyed getting together with old friends and making some new ones too.  The Deckert's are great hosts. Everybody feels like family. Really guys, you owe it to yourselves to attend a fest.

The highlight of the fest had nothing to do with audio! I saw Dave eat a hot pepper, turn red, and well... DeVon had something to do with that.

The audio highlights were interesting too.  I am super critical of loudspeakers.  I have auditioned a lot of them over the years.  I thought that the corner horns were smooth and natural.  If your room can accommodate them you really can't go wrong there.

THE special audio moment of the show was plugging the new Mini Tori into the system.  We were listening through the Radials at the time.  This diminutive amp is the best product of Decware's lineup.  Here's why.  After listening through a couple of older amps, I asked Steve to please put the new amp in a system.  As soon as it turned on, there was an improvement in dynamics and frequency range.  Then Steve said wait about twenty two minutes and the sound would improve.  He was wrong.  It took twenty three minutes.  I was turned around, away from the speakers.  All of a sudden the sound field floated above the Radials.  The sound was held tight "in a vise" with a three dimensional palatability I've only previously experienced with the best OTL amps, and a super expensive monster SET design.  This little amp is compatible with a wider range of speakers though.  I hope to visit again and bring two or three pairs of my designs and Ed Schilling's Horns to confirm what I heard.  This amp was loaded with a very neutral tube set.  I wouldn't change a thing.  You tube rollers could have a lot of fun trying different combinations.  Not me.  I hate tube rolling.  

This is Steve's best effort to date, and places him with some of the best designers out there.  I want one.  So go ahead and take a bow Steve, you've earned it.


Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by juanitox on 10/06/09 at 06:45:01

what a pleasure to hear that , i have just ordered a Mini , now i'feel more secure with my choice..
i will post a review in pair with my Avant-garde Horns in few weeks .. ;)

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Post by Chris K on 10/06/09 at 14:21:13

Heard it last year was good! Heard it this year ordered it on the spot!
Steve & DeVon we love you guys! Thanks for the warm welcome and hospitality. I look forward to this every year and really enjoy all the fine and now can call "old" friends I've made in this "obsession" of hi-fi audio.

Randy & Dave two of my favorites, always a pleasure to see and talk with you guys. Thanks for the attenuator!

Jason G. great time meeting you! Folks here is a young fellow who "gets it" and is DIYing a pair of Decware Corner Horns. I'll be in touch!

Great to see  you Jason (morpheous85) and your new gal! I was tired on Sunday when you and your friend were there. We could have swapped more equipment in and out for you.

Dave Att, nice to chat (briefly as it were) with you again. Want a copy of the Orthodox Church choir? Send a PM.

DPC Paul Campbell, you were missed on Sat. and Sun. ???

Steve & Julie, always a pleasure and when will we hear Julie sing?

Rob S. Great time man!

Dan K you and your wife are a fixture here and always glad you came. I learn something from you every time I come to DecFest. Great Zen kit build, sounded tremendous.

Doug and Mary, thanks for coming, great talks!

Dean, you telling me that your adult children come home to visit and you have, music listening sessions with them. Well that is just so cool! DVD movies..... NAHHH... let's just sit down and listen to some tunes and sip on a fine beverage with the "old man". May I be blessed with those moments when my son is grown.

Wally, what can I say man? Separated at birth? We TALK TOO MUCH! But I loved it. Can you say positive attitude? This guy has it in spades! We'll be in touch. Take care.

Bob Z, as always thanks for building great Decware speakers. You and Steve have changed the face of hi-fi in some great or small way no matter what happens down the road.

Steve, continue to be "unorthodox" in your approach. IT WORKS. You already know that but affirm it anyhow.

Sarah your a breath of fresh air and your mom has a lot of confidence in you. Keep up the good work.

Sorry if I left anyone out! To all the rest, great to meet you.
I missed my family this weekend very much and I was tired this weekend so if I was off a little that was why.

Thanks again for a great time,

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Post by Chris K on 10/06/09 at 14:41:05

Oh forgot.
Father Murphy came several times. But he did not win out.
You scoundrel >:(

Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by Lon on 10/06/09 at 18:01:58

As in "Murphy's Law" (different Murphy than "Father Murphy").

I'd love to hear details about the DAC if anyone has some to share including any pricing that may have been mentioned.

Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by Chris K on 10/07/09 at 01:44:18

Now about the Zen DAC.
The single word descriptions: detailed & smooth. No harshness from the equipment. If the recording was harsh the sound was faithfully conveyed by the DAC's conversion and the tube output gave a sweet rendition of that. If there were MP3 files that were played through FooBar I do not know. What I do know is that it was the smoothest, most dynamic and detailed digital reproduction at the Fest and I had many familiar tunes to choose from on Bob Z. computer. The ZCD player was no less good than before but the DAC was so much more refined. I can't say much about other DAC's since I have not heard many. Randy had a MHDT labs "Havana" DAC that did a great job while the ZenDAC recovered from a bout with "Murphy".
Suffice to say that I now understand that digital bitstream off a hard drive into a DAC is exactly what I expected and more.
The effort Steve put into this very complex but versatile dream box is astounding. I was afraid to touch any of the little switches (did not) and only messed with the gain knob to get the sound dialed in from time to time.

The DAC with Zigy's laptop on the Acoustat Monitor IV's I personally have never heard recorded music have such alive and present feeling and the detail in the midrange and real big fast deep bass from these monsters is really something. I'd tell you all to get a pair but from what was said to me about them (Acoustats) they are a commitment what with size and a healthy pair of the factory servo amps that drive them. I can see why Steve calls this his reference.

Overall the DAC is a success though I suspect there is a bit more tweaking before a production unit comes for sale. Price I heard some numbers tossed around but I'm not going there. I'll let the Zen Master give that out. I'd only hope for bitstream off iPod and toslink but we'll see.

Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by Chris K on 10/07/09 at 02:03:03

More on the Mini TORII.
The little amp when swapped into the system on the west wall of the listening room made heads literally turn to see, including mine. Unfortunately this magic started to happen Sat. afternoon when some folks had already said their last goodbyes. We then proceeded to throw all the various speakers at the little guy and the thought that occurred to me was that this was the most robust and sweet sounding 4-5 watts ever heard. The amp got on well with all the speakers but was especially good with the radials and the MG944. This amp hooked to the HDT's later in the evening was the first time the HDT and my ears got along. HDT's had always been a problem for me. I wanted to like them but never could. Well the Mini TORII is so nice it just gave the HDT a liquid feel that used to be dry and sterile to my ears previously. No loss in detail just a "wetter" more musical sound from the HDT with the Mini TORII. I went to the FEST thinking TORII MkIII and now I've gone and ordered the Mini TORII. The thing just charmed me to no end. It's cute and ballsy at the same time. Another attendee remarked to me he though it was Steve's best amplifier effort ever! That just might be true. I'll tell you when I have it in the house for awhile. I'm almost certain it won't disappoint.

Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by DPC on 10/07/09 at 11:26:56

Hey Chris, Illness prevented my participation Sat. and Sun.
If you PM me with your address, I'll send that CD we listened to.

I still have unfinished business with Randy, Dave and Bob Z.

It was really great to visit with old friends if only for one day.


Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by kbsp on 10/07/09 at 21:44:13

What about the Zen Open Baffle speaker?  :)
How well did they sound?
How are they compared to the HDT?  ;)

Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by davedutill on 10/08/09 at 04:51:03

A very big thanks goes out to Steve, Devon & Sarah!!!

Another great start to the fall season in East Peoria.  Was great seeing all the familiar friends and making some new ones!  

My taste buds have finally returned!!   Having seen/witnessed Sarah channel herself through Devon........a long story.......That was one HOT Pepper  :)  On a more serious note Devon, I would very much like to get the recipe for that soup.  It gets better every year.

Any folks in the market for a DAC this year should definately check Steves new unit out.  This unit has all the digital inputs most people would want and also has the capability to tailor the sound to your preference by the flip of any number of switches.  A must hear!!

Once again, a big thanks to the Decware crew for hosting a great event that gets better every year.


Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by stevef on 10/08/09 at 04:56:53

Don't know if they got any play time.  Perhaps the flaw this year was that new equipment didn't get rotated into the mix. On Saturday I had to ask specifically for the Mini Torii to be put in the system.  The fest is VERY casual, a good thing, but I hope next year that the new stuff gets played on Saturday.  
Decware makes quite a few different products.  I doubt if it's possible to combine all of the amps, speakers, and sources and provide ample time for critical listening.  Remember people brought some of their own gear to see how well it matched up with Decware products.  Dave Dutill brought his Excalibur flagship speaker along to give us a chance to hear his implementation of a Heil driver.  We did a lot of mix and match but didn't have a chance to try everything.  There were a couple of tech glitches too.  They took a bit of time to solve.  Every show has them.  
Maybe next year, those who can't attend can ask for reviews of certain products by attendees.  There were some sharp people in attendance, who would have great comments.  The average experienced audiophile is a much more honest reviewer than  magazine hacks.


PS:  I personally took time to stop listening to "talk shop" with Steve, Bob, Dave, and discuss listening sessions with experienced audiophiles like Randy.  So much audio & not enough time!!!!

Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by JasonGmt on 10/09/09 at 20:37:48

Thanks so much for having such a great event each year! This was my first, but I am sure will not be my last. I could tell this is a seasoned event and everything is covered for the guests. What Hospitality! DeVon and Sarah, you ladies Rawk! Always attentive to any needs of your guest and customers.

I really had a great time and felt very at home, thanks to Steve, DeVon and Sarah.

Steve, thanks for all you have done for Decfest and developing, producing and providing such wonderful gear, as well as all the rest of the Decware crew that contribute to the magic. I hope to continue learning from the Master and sharing in your revelations and reading all about your ongoing developments and any new ones. Being involved in each of your designs through your white papers, online manuals, or write-ups is one of my favorite aspects to Decware.

It was an honor to meet everyone and I look forward to keeping in touch with people. I really enjoyed my time and talks with Chris K, Bob Z, Wally, DeVon and Sarah the most, but everyone I talked to was enriching and I look forward to more at the next event I get to experience.

If you haven't gone to a Decfest yet, I plead with you to make it happen. It will be worth the effort. Very rewarding and eye opening.

Thanks again to everyone at the event for making it such a special event and memory for me.

I am very excited to start building a foundation for my personal audio arsenal, with some great Decware products.

First up will be some DYI corner horns, will keep posting on that as it develops and any other gear additions.

jason g.

Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by stevef on 10/10/09 at 20:44:30


Please take some pictures of your horn building experience.   I was very impressed with their sound too.  I heard them before in Steve's old office/room and liked them then.  The new room is a bit tougher acoustically, but I enjoyed them more.  Since I am always too busy to build new stuff, I'd like to find out if the build is very difficult before I try to find time for it.  Good luck & have fun with your project.

Steve F

Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by stevef on 10/10/09 at 20:53:22

Did anyone get to listen to the new version of the Torii III?  The only new amp I got to seriously audition was the Mini Torii & I loved it?  Reading back through this thread made me realize we missed something.

Steve ::) [smiley=10.gif]

Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by Young_SC on 10/11/09 at 02:41:29

Was anyone running around with a camera at the Fest?

Would love to see some pics.

Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by artyg on 10/12/09 at 01:37:46

Tori III was excellent!!  So much so that I ordered one.  They seemed to be especially synergistic with the ERRs.  I feel the extra power added a lot to the body of the music.

Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by artyg on 10/12/09 at 01:39:16

I forgot to add that I could not tell the difference between the mini torii and the III

Title: Zen Open Baffle
Post by kbsp on 10/12/09 at 16:21:57

Anyone heard the Zen Open Baffle at the festival? :P

If they are so good as described in the latest article about'em I wonder why Steve setup the Acoustat in first place? :-?

Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by DPC on 10/12/09 at 23:40:09

The "Stats" are his reference. (I think)


Title: Re: DECFEST 2009
Post by Steve Deckert on 10/15/09 at 01:02:32

Anyone heard the Zen Open Baffle at the festival? Tongue

If they are so good as described in the latest article about'em I wonder
why Steve setup the Acoustat in first place?

If I were you, I would be wondering the same thing!  Setting up the entire array is a bit of a commitment that makes it hard to hook up anything else while it's in play. A logistics thing. Nevertheless I did hook it up and attempt to dial it in so people could hear it. This year it got set up at the opposite end of the room vs. last year. Again, it had rather excellent bass before I got the broadcast system turned on... just like last year. And like last year, the broadcast system was balanced in at a level so low that no one realized it was on. Some of the comments from those who were listening to them as I got the broadcast system on line said it enhanced the image size and increased the sound stage depth and width.

There is no question that the speakers will fly on their own on in many rooms without the need for a sub or broadcast system. After seeing reactions to the speakers both this year and last, I am confident that my excitement in the papers was justified and not just proud papa syndrome.

If I didn't have the Acoustats I would have used the ZOB to demo the DAC in the evenings, no question. However, this year's focal point was the DAC and new amps so with respect to the DAC I decided to let everyone hear my reference. While most wouldn't know it, the Acoustats are so fast and honest that for me anyway they've been a vinyl only system. Every good DAC I've got to try over the years has confirmed this. My DAC, which I designed for myself primarily, is actually not only listenable but with good recordings head shakingly good with the Acoustats.  So in that light, it was kind of like "hey, look I did the impossible - made Acoustats sound right on digital!

I'll be publishing the plans and adding the Zen Open Baffles to the catalog in the coming months.

Steve [smiley=peanuts05.gif]

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Post by goraman on 10/18/09 at 18:38:26

Am I just missing the obvious,There are times and a date and no location for the fest.

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Post by opnly_bafld on 10/18/09 at 20:48:20

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Post by Steve Deckert on 10/21/09 at 02:34:55

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