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Message started by BLFST on 06/23/09 at 02:40:08

Title: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by BLFST on 06/23/09 at 02:40:08

I am hoping that members of this group who may own or have heard both of the amps in the subject line can offer me their opinions.

A brief introduction.  I became more than a passive listener a couple of years ago when I replaced my worn out 1970's era turntable of questionable quality with a new turntable of still dubious quality.  I was so smitten with the improvement, I upgraded the phono cartridge with a higher quality one at 500 listening hours (recommended by the manufacturer).  Again I was was so smitten that I replaced the turntable with a MusicHall MM5.1.  Since then, I also purchased a Rega Appollo CD player, Rega Mira 3 amp, and a Roque Cronus Integrated amp (my primary amp).  I use PSB 4T speakers.  I have been extremely happy with my system, but recently began thinking that I might want to try SET in the near future.  I also just dedicated a spare room to an audio room.  My audio system shared the PSB speakers with my video setup, so new speakers were going to be needed.  After some research, I decided on the Decware HDT speakers and I ordered a pair about a month ago.  I hope to see thim by the end of July.  Figuring that I would need a phono stage if I purchased a new amp (the Rogue Cronus has a built in phono stage), I finally decided to order the ZP3 this evening.  Even if I don't get a new amp, I figure that the ZP3 will be a much better stage than the SS affair in the Cronus.  

Now for my question - After figuring that I was going to get into SET through the purchase of the SE 341.2, I broke down and started to take a look at the Torrii MKII.  Now I am not sure which to pursue (Steve's summer deal on the Torrii dosn't help matters either [LOL]).
My music choices are varied between rock (classic mostely), jazz, blues, instrumentals, ect).  I don't necessarily care for deep (loud) bass, just natural and realistic sounding bass.  I like to listen at various volumes, but mostly I would probaly guess it loud to most (my system dosn't fatique me).  My new listneing room is small at about 11 ft by 15 ft.

I would like realistic sounding music.  Although my current soundstage is good, and imaging is fair, I hope to improve on both.

Any input on one amp over the other would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by Lon on 06/23/09 at 02:58:25

Hi Bill,

I have both amps.  The catch in my case is I've never heard the HDTs.  I've been listening to Radial speakers since the first Radial was released.  I have an "idea" of what the HDT sounds like based on reviews and reports.  For example Ziggy has told me that the HDTs are a bit forward in comparison with the Radials.

Either amp will have enough power to rock out the HDTs due to their sensitivity.  There's no doubt that the Torii will offer you much more power, but whether you'll need that with any frequency is. . . perhaps debatable.  

If it was me, and if the HDT is a bit forward in comarison to the Radials, I might be happier with the Integrated. That amp is a bit more laid back and "mellow" in comparison to the Torii.

The truth of the matter is that both will really take command of the speakers and give you great sound. With the summer deal Torii price I can definitely see your temptation. The Torii drives my Radials as no other amp has.  And I bet the Torii would drive future speakers either one of us might buy with aplobm.

So. . . you really won't go wrong either way I bet.

Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by Doorman on 06/23/09 at 03:00:21

Bearing in mind I haven't heard either of your "target" amps, ( but owing a Zen Select since '03) if money isn't the determining factor, go for the Torii. At least then, you'll have all the power you'll need to drive most anything, without losing a thing sonically.
You're question is one I've considered too. I'm saving my pennies for the Torii mk11. Welcome, and good luck!

Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by veryoldcat on 06/23/09 at 03:38:30

On the one hand, the HDT's can be driven to insane volumes by 6 watts, and driven very well even by my 2 watt SE84CS.

On the other hand, the speaker selection flexibility supported by the Torii-ll is really really worth considering. From Lon's experience with this amp, it's the amp I'd get.

The HDT's are a marvelous sounding speaker, but never say never as to interchanging with other speakers. With the Torii ll you're set, in my estimation.


Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by BLFST on 06/23/09 at 04:03:29

Thanks for your inputs.  Lon, I really wanted to hear your thoughts in particular because I had read a lot of your posts and I saw that you owned both amps.

I am really thinking of going Torrii.  I don't feel that I need the power, especially with the HDT's, but I do think that I will have more flexibility.  And I think that sonically I will be better off.  Although I don't know from any personal experience, I understand that you might loose a little in either the bass and possibly the treble with SET, but you gain much in the mids.  I would like to gain in all frequencies, therefore the Torrii would probably be the best for me.  

Another problem that I have is that I am located in a rural part of a big state (Montana), and there isn't much available out here for me to audition, either commercially or privately.  So I really don't know how my current system stacks up against SET or higher end tube based gear.  

Anyway, thanks again for the input.  I will definately let everyone know how the HDT's work out, and how the ZP3 works out in my present system.  Hope to let you know what I choose on the amp as well.


Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by BLFST on 06/24/09 at 04:21:18

Just thought that you might like to know that I took the leap of faith and purchsed the Torrii MK II this evening.  With the purchase of the HDT's, ZP3, and now the Torrii, I have essentially replaced my system with the exception of source equipment.

Can't wait to get everything here, set up, and running.


Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by Doorman on 06/24/09 at 05:25:09

Congrats,- should be the last amp a person needs!
It will rightly deserve the best source component(s) you can throw at it

Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by Lon on 06/24/09 at 11:14:31

I don't necessarily believe you lose anything with the treble or bass with Decware SET equipment, but there is a difference in presentation, slight.  None-the-less you'll be very happy with the Torii.  An exceptional component!

Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by KimKman on 06/24/09 at 16:55:59

Congrats Bill! Yep, also think you will like the Torrii MKII a lot.

Have mine with ZP3 > ARCLS22 > Torrii > VR4
Slowly trying other equipment as well. Have a CSP2 on the way and a pair of HDT's delivered today downstairs in the garage. Have to figure out about getting those 88lb boxes upstairs.

Let us know when you get it and how it goes.

Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by BLFST on 06/24/09 at 23:27:07

I DO hope that this is the end of my audio purchases, couldn't afford to many months like this one (LOL).  I am really happy with my current system, but without comparison to other units, I just felt that maybe there was more out there.

For KimKman, please let me know when you manage those HDT's upstairs and get them running.  It will probably be another 3-4 weeks before my HDT's get here, and I would be interested to hear of your impressions.

I will let everyone know when I get the new system in and running.


Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by Jason on 07/06/09 at 00:15:14

I may be a bit late to this thread, but I can say that the HDT's with the Torii II do rock.    I've tried my HDT's with a few amps and the treble cut on the Torii II is what makes the difference between only the good recordings sounding good and most everything sounding good.
I'd say the the new Mini Torii would also do good with the HDT's.  I didn't like the select I had with the HDT's and it has since found a new home.

I do have a delema tho, I've been really interested in the radials for  a number of years and I'm really thinking about a pair of the new ERR's.  For some reason, they keep calling my name.   ;)

Oh, and my impresssions of the HDT's...  they can be a bit 'forward' in a small room  (mine is 13 x 13) but if you give them some space to breath, they are awsome, including the bass they can produce.  Teamed up with Torii Mark II, they are hard to beat.


Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by Lon on 07/06/09 at 02:19:30

I agree that the treble cut circuit is a fantastic feature. . . and do want to note that Steve has posted that it can be added to ANY amp. . . less than one hundred dollars (he charged me 85 to add it to the Integrated).

Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by BLFST on 07/06/09 at 04:24:03

Thanks for your input Jason.  I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the HDT's as well as the Torrii.  

My room is also small (11 by 14), but I have my current speakers 5 feet in front of the front wall (those behind the speakers), and 3 feet from the side walls, so I am hoping that maybe the HDT's will be a little more laid back.  If not, I don't mind them being a bit forward.

Will let everyone know when I get my new system in and my initial impressions.

p.s.  It looks like I jumped on the Torrii just in time.  According to Steves' posts, there is only one plate left at the "summer price".


Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by KimKman on 07/06/09 at 04:31:52

You got a heck of a deal there Bill for sure. I have been using the HDT's connected to a Torrii MKII for about a week now while I was waiting for the Mini Torrii to use in my office. Sound is excellent with plenty of good sounding low end. Was pleasantly surprised with that. Even got a few WOW's out of my wife which is rare :) I know my HDT's most likely have a way to go before they fully settle in but after about two days of use I noted a positive difference in sound. They did sound good from start but there was a difference.

Hope your equipment arrives soon and look forward to your feedback.


Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by BLFST on 07/06/09 at 22:43:32

Thanks for the input KimKman.  I just got word from Decware that my Torrii and ZP3 will be shipping this week.  I was really hoping to get the HDT's here first, but I can definatley work around it.  There is enough power output with the Torrii to run my current speakers (PSB 4T towers rated at 90db).

More later.


Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by KimKman on 07/07/09 at 02:00:14

"PSB 4T towers rated at 90db"

I don't know about that one :)
I have a set of VonS VR-4's also 90db that sound excellent with the Torrii MKII. Give it a go, you may be surprised.

Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by BLFST on 07/07/09 at 05:01:52


That is why I know that I can work around getting the amp first.  In a way, getting the amp and using it with my PSB's will allow me to better be able to tell of the virtues of the Torrii over my current amp.  Too many new things at once and I won't know where the improvements primarily come from.  I wasn't concerned with the Torrii being able to drive the PSB's, but it is good to hear a validation of that.



Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by BLFST on 07/21/09 at 01:05:28

Just received the Torrii this afternoon.  Spent several hours listening.  Will post some initial impressions in the Torrii forum in the next day or two.


Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by Lon on 07/21/09 at 01:55:26

Glad the amp is in the house!

Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by Doorman on 07/21/09 at 02:54:30


Title: Re: Torrii MKII vs SE341.2
Post by KimKman on 07/21/09 at 04:15:31

:) Hooray, congrats! Yep looking forward to your post.

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