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Message started by 76doublebass on 04/09/09 at 06:44:36

Title: Tascam 160MK2
Post by 76doublebass on 04/09/09 at 06:44:36

Well I want to approach this review from a different perspective in different segments if possible.
 I have a brand new Tascam 160MK2 today and will be breaking it in for a month before I send it to Steve for all the mods.
Even straight out of the box stock the unit has a nice complimentary mid band reproduction ,But I can tell it needs alot of hours on it.
The extreme highs sound closed in and etched, mid bass and deep bass is weak. But then again this is the stock unit right out of the box.
I just wanted to document my initial finds ON THE STOCK UNIT.
for all the full mods as to my impressions on the stock unit broken in and will be curious to know the before and after magic Steve puts into this cd player.
Don C. 8-)

Title: Re: Tascam 160MK2
Post by Steve Deckert on 04/09/09 at 15:49:36

Well, you're going to be in for a real shock because the stock player, even burned in, is in my experience unlistenable by comparison.

Don't forget the stock outputs will remain operational when you get the unit back, so you can easily A/B the difference.



Title: Re: Tascam 160MK2
Post by 76doublebass on 04/09/09 at 16:24:22

Thanks Steve it sounds like I will be in for a real treat indeed. This unit has Sep 2008 printed on the back and came with the warranty card as well for me to drop in the mail box and send to Tascam.SO its brand new indeed. Next month is my Birthday so this will make a great present for me with endless late night listening by the sounds of it. I'm glad I'm retired.LOL :D

Title: Re: Tascam 160MK2
Post by 76doublebass on 04/29/09 at 17:06:05

Well the Tascam 160mk2  is packed up and ready to be shipped out friday May 1st. I put about 100 hours on the player and the sound has improved considerably. The high frequencies have most of the hardness gone,But the presentation is a bit forward sounding with alot of detail. The midband is nice  but a little light to my taste.
I can tell the Tascam does need many hours of burn in to sound its best. If listenened to without time to break in you will not hear at all as how it may sound.
    I am really looking forward to the full mod done to this wonderful Tascam that seems to fly under the radar of reviewers.
I did take a peak inside and noticed the Tascam uses some Samsung DACs which I hear thru the grapevine can make some of the best today.But that does not concern me so much Steve will work his magic around these anyway.
  Another little tweek worth checking into is damping the machine internally with Deflex Panels which I have already temporarily done and have really relaxed and opened up the top end.
I also prop up the machine on a couch pillow for even better results.
Soundstage really flots nicely.
  This is all with the stock machine.
Well my Birthday is May 9th so my present should be sweet with class a output,tube power supply, dual attentuators and an IEC put on it as well.
  I'll report back when I receive the Tacam back with all the mods.
I heard FIM Records has a new K2 CD out. I should purchase this while I'm waiting to get back the Tascam.
Happy Listening
DON c. :D

Title: Re: Tascam 160MK2
Post by Doorman on 04/29/09 at 23:49:58

You should really enjoy your (modded) player. It is, IMHO a killer unit, paired with good equipment.
Let us know what you hear!

Title: Re: Tascam 160MK2
Post by Jason on 05/01/09 at 04:11:26

I've done the A/B and the stock outputs are like listening to an Ipod in comparison.


Title: Re: Tascam 160MK2
Post by Lon on 05/01/09 at 14:25:04

I'll bet you really like it!  Get all the mods.  I'm hoping I'll really enjoy my ZCD one day!  I really WANT to!

Title: Re: Tascam 160MK2
Post by 76doublebass on 05/15/09 at 20:45:53

Well I had a nice phone call with Steve. He told me the player is done ,moded fully with all the mods, listened as well, and getting ready to ship off in a day or 2.
I asked him for a review over the phone.
He only had to say one word. well maybe a few.
My Tascam fully moded with all the new parts and not even fully broken in yet
It sounds like I will be up many late nights spinning cd's.
I'll keep u all posted.
Don C. ;D

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