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Message started by Bryan on 03/26/09 at 13:36:41

Title: Room Treatment Help
Post by Bryan on 03/26/09 at 13:36:41

Hi Everyone

I am new to the forum but I have found some great information already.  I recently had a dedicated room built and so far it is amazing.  The room is 16x11x6'8.  The walls are made by Corning and are fabric and insulation.  They are great absorbers.  I am now in the process of building diffusers.  I read Steve's info on acoustics and am guessing that the best bet is to treat the front wall, the back wall and a side wall.  I am also considering some ceiling treatment.  Front and back wall would be 5'x6' for diffusers which is similar to Steve's recommendations.  A few questions;  Am I on the right track with the walls and how wide should the side wall diffusers be?  Is there a possibility of diffusing too much?  If I do the walls then what should the ceiling look like in terms of number of 2x2 panels I should fill and how many?  Steve could you help and post the two pictures as I could not get them to post.  Thanks to everyone for your help.  Buy the way I bought a Se34I amp a number of years ago and it is still amazing.  Ever more so now that it is in a properly proportioned room.


Title: Re: Room Treatment Help
Post by Azul Baronis on 03/30/09 at 12:25:10

Hi Bryan!

I have been in the same place like you 3 months ago. Building and calculating diffusors is a very complicated thing, so take your time with it. It is not enough to just buy a good diffusor and put it into the room.
You may ask RFZ_Quest (Paul) directly, I'm sure he will help you. He made a new topic about diffusors and building them:
Read all of the links Paul gives. It's worth it.

Although, if you want a good advice, don't waste your time, money and ears on Stereophonic music reproduction. Ambiophonics give you a liver sound, and even improves the sound quality. Especially; you don't need any diffusors nor absorbers (They help, but only make a minimal unnoticeable change) Please visit the topic here:

Go to to find out more about ambiophonics.

Kindest Regards,

Title: Re: Room Treatment Help
Post by proud_indian on 03/31/09 at 05:14:13

You can download the specs from the site and build them. It is not that difficult, but does take a long time. As you keep building them, you can install them and tune your room, till you feel good about it. Even if you build them and install, you make still have to make adjustments to your existing set up to accommodate the fresh changes. It will take time.

shreekant :)

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