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Message started by speakerfreak7 on 03/12/08 at 05:59:26

Title: HWK 15 build PICS
Post by speakerfreak7 on 03/12/08 at 05:59:26

this is my HWK 15 using a dayton 15 and a bash 500 plate amp. house hasn't fallen down yet, but really shakes the walls! i haven't played around with puttting the sub in the other baffle or moving the whole thing around the room. this thing is SO heavy!!! there is some port noise from the top port when i play really low bass.. i need to get a flare for it.

Title: Re: HWK 15 build PICS
Post by 60_and_up on 03/12/08 at 21:38:47

lol, the hwk is designed to fill huge rooms with serious bass, in that tiny room your gonna shake the drywall off in no time :)

nice [smiley=icqlite20.png]

i think anyone who loves bass is driven to do crazy things,

i am

Title: Re: HWK 15 build PICS
Post by speakerfreak7 on 03/13/08 at 05:51:42

yea that's for sure. man seems like your van would rattle apart! what sub are you using? where did u place the sub in the box? did u try other spots? i'm tempted to add another one in it. think it would sound quite a bit louder?

Title: Re: HWK 15 build PICS
Post by 60_and_up on 03/13/08 at 16:42:17

in the van it was the 12" hwk, and i used  2 x soundsplinter rlps.

i have tried mounting the subs in different ways and the volume is about the same, the quality of bass changes slightly goes lower etc).

if your hwk with 500 watts isnt loud eough for you in that room i dont know what would be. adding another sub wont make it louder, but will change the way it sounds slightly, not worth it imo.

just enjoy your hwk for a couple weeks, get used to the way it sounds, try it in different locations in the room, that will make a big difference. try different x over settings etc etc.

after a few weeks you can move the driver to a different location inside the box and then you will know if you prefer the sound of it after moving the driver or if it was better b4.

but trying your hwk in different positions in the room will make the biggest difference.

are you saying your hwk isnt loud?

looks like your amp put out 500 watts at 4 ohms, if your dayton sub is 4 ohms then great, but if the dayton is 8 ohms your probably only getting about 250 watts?

Title: Re: HWK 15 build PICS
Post by Bart_West-VL. on 03/13/08 at 18:56:21

If I recall this right, then going from 250W to 500W will only add 3dB.
Not really worth to change drivers or amplifier in my opinion.


Title: Re: HWK 15 build PICS
Post by speakerfreak7 on 03/13/08 at 18:56:23

man those are some nice looking subs. no it's definitiely loud, but if it can get louder then why not. yea i'm only getting 250 watts.  i got the series 2 sub that is 8 ohms.

Title: Re: HWK 15 in dorm room PICS
Post by speakerfreak7 on 04/02/08 at 17:31:50

i spend most of my time listening to music in my dorm room so i drug the beast in there and have it sitting under the bed. LOTS of bass in the little room. I'm pretty sure if i cranked it you could here it anywhere in the dorm. i also got some turntables to play some records and try and do some mixing,

Title: Re: HWK 15 build PICS
Post by 60_and_up on 04/02/08 at 21:43:22

i love that bed ;D

if i had a bad like that, id burn an mp3 of very slow tone sweeps from 10-33 hz up and down,  and just let it run all night :)

get busy

Title: Re: HWK 15 build PICS
Post by 60_and_up on 04/02/08 at 21:47:21

i recently built a short horn / flare on my sealed 12" sub in my van, the flare directs all the output from the sub forwards past the drivers seat left hand side, doesnt get as low as when the subs in the back, but you sure can FEEL it  8-)

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