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Message started by dansmith207 on 02/03/08 at 07:46:14

Title: Need Help With Lines
Post by dansmith207 on 02/03/08 at 07:46:14

Hi im having problems with the road map of lines.  In step six on the WO plans(hopefully somebody has the plans in their head and doesn't have to look them up) my X is about an inch lower than it should be, i had this same problem on the other one i built.  Am I measuring something wrong, my box will be 28x36 when im done, does that have something to do with it not being right?  The first one i built hits hard and loud(135.6 in qualifing at db drag i played the stupid wrong track at comp so it might be a little louder but thats what i got so far), just want to make sure im not losing some performance from my error.  Any help would be greatly apperciated.

Title: Re: Need Help With Lines
Post by musgofasa on 02/03/08 at 12:33:35

iirc the x crosses in the correct spot if the box is 36x36 inches.

I seem to remember doing one 36x32 and the x was very close, but still not in the spot marked by the plans.

I will take a look at the plans and make sure we are talking about the same x

Hope this one turns out as good or better than your first. This enclosure is actually very forgiving of little "errors". In fact, you can get a lot of good bass out of one with woofers that theoretically shouldn't even work in it. lol

Take care,

Title: Re: Need Help With Lines
Post by dansmith207 on 02/06/08 at 17:00:25

Thanks for the help glad i didn't screw it up to bad then.  I guess this box is very forgiving after measuring out everything and then comparing it to my other one which i placed the boards on the wrong side of the lines(doh) it still sounds great, i can easily keep up with other systems running 15s and 2400 watts in a ported box with my 12s and about 300 watts going to them.  hopefully getting this new box made right it will work better ;D.  Thanks again

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