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I have redone both the white paper:  and the downloadable plans.

I apologize for the quality of the first set of plans that came out almost 1 year ago today (my how time flies) ! They somehow had gotten corrupted being converted to pdf and many of the measurements were missing (more that I realized) yet somehow many have been built - albeit with a lot of phone calls to Bob Ziegler who builds our production version.

Since this box IS so difficult to build, I changed from a one page diagram (original plans) to a 36 page highly illustrated set of plans that I hope will make it much easier to build.

Also be aware that the original set called NFXplans.pdf are not compatible with the new set called NFX2007.pdf  Slight dimensional changes have been made to the new plans to make it easier to build.  These do not effect the sound or look of the cabinet.


Steve Deckert

Title: Re: NEW NFX PLANS !
Post by rmt on 07/06/07 at 04:47:00

I think new plans for the NFX is a great idea.  I managed the build from the old plans but I had to do a lot of extra figuring to get the correct dimensions and angles for cuts.  Anyway, the NFX is a very fun build, and not too challenging if you take your time and label your parts.  Think before you cut and double or triple check to make sure you are on the right part and the right angle for the cut.  I suppose the new plans will make this part easier.  

My NIbbelins are truly awesome speakers that easily outperformed my Klipsch RF-7s.  So much so that I let one of my kids take the Klipsch away.  I encourage anyone out there to build these great speakers.  I listen to a lot of FM classicial and jazz nowadays.  Right now the guitar player doing a lute suite sounds like he is right here in the room with me.  Oh yeah, the 96db Steve says on the site seems a conservative value to me.  The DFR-8s are detailed and musical at the same time.  From those that have heard them the response is simply a jaw-droppin, "WOW".

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