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Title: SPL Advice on WO
Post by gskillet on 01/11/07 at 07:27:00

I have 2 10 Comp VR Kickers in a WO with a 800 Premier Monoblock in my Concorde and I only hit 130.7 no matter what I did or what track I played. I have the cabinet facing forward and the rear seat removed for the competition. I'm in the process of upgrading the amps and possibly the speakers. Trying to stay with Kicker since the local dealer gives me a good price. I have the 32x32 version of the WO. It sounds mint. But I would like it a bit louder.

On a positive note this was my first competition and I went through the audio clinic where they try to find the peak of your box. I didnt know why they ran the sweep 3 times until afterwards one of the techs told me they had a helluva time finding a peak. just a small bump at 60 hz.
Any Suggestions?

Title: Re: SPL Advice on WO
Post by Adrian D. on 01/11/07 at 11:07:32

32x32 wo ? that's the wo32 and it's not intended for car use.
if you want to go for more spl, look into ported boxes.
other than that, all i can think of is : big 3, big power wires, big battery and lots of deadening.

Title: Re: SPL Advice on WO
Post by gskillet on 01/11/07 at 14:05:22

i meant 36x36. sorry. i have 2 gauge power and ground.. plenty of battery and I do have lots of deadening.

Title: Re: SPL Advice on WO
Post by 60ndown on 01/11/07 at 14:08:38

if your box doesnt have a peak, you have the 'magik' box every audiophile is looking for that has completely flat response , keep it just like it is for listening to music, and build a different box for spl.

Title: Re: SPL Advice on WO
Post by aznboi3644 on 01/12/07 at 04:44:30

you said you have the box facing forward...pretty much is all cases unless you can seal off the trunk the bass will sound the best and loudest facing the rear...I bet if the box was facing the rear you could have hit higher

Title: Re: SPL Advice on WO
Post by gskillet on 01/12/07 at 05:30:55

the front is sealed against the car. facing backwards there would be about 2 inches between the sub and the rear of the trunk. I wanted to avoid having a trunk rattler so I faced forward. sealed it off with foam. so everything is directed to the front of the car.

Title: Re: SPL Advice on WO
Post by musgofasa on 01/12/07 at 10:09:10

As a matter of experiment, try facing it back and unsealing it and metering to see what you get. I have seen no few cars do well in the lanes with less distance between the box and the wall.
It might not work and it may rattle, but it would be a much easier experiment than rebuilding.

Of course, I agree with a previous poster. If you have flat response with the WO, you have hit a SQ dream. Keep it for listening and build a ported box for SPL.

Keep us posted,

Title: Re: SPL Advice on WO
Post by djman37 on 01/12/07 at 14:41:13

either face it forward and OPEN the trunk, or face it rearward.
I hit 140.x with mine 30x36 for 12's.  It is a great sounding box and agreeing with the other guys, get you an SPL box for SPL.

Title: Re: SPL Advice on WO
Post by Jet-Lee on 01/12/07 at 19:58:10

Try opening a door or window? Gains me 3db with my little experiment.

My best is 138.7db with two Kenwood 10's in an Escort.

Title: Re: SPL Advice on WO
Post by BigAir on 01/17/07 at 20:47:51

If you have a slight bump at 60hz, make sure you are only playing a 60hz test tone and nothing else.  Music would be totally out of the question.  Also, I agree with the other.  Face it backwards.  You should easily be in the 140's.

Title: Re: SPL Advice on WO
Post by J_Rock on 01/18/07 at 19:35:41

Yepo- turn that thing around and play at your peak.

Title: Re: SPL Advice on WO
Post by gskillet on 01/20/07 at 20:55:51

Well I Just got finished upgrading my aps. I have a zx1000.1 Kicker on my CVR's now. and Holy CRAP did that make a difference. Turning the box around isnt really feasible. Since in order to do that all my amps have to come out along with the rear seat and drivers side rear door. I ran a sign sweep from 240hz to 10hz and after about 14o it is pretty much still flat. I have it crossed at about 120 right now. I ran it wide open no crossover once. and at about 250hz it acts like a horn and HONKS! kinda ugly sounding up there though.
I looked closer at the specs on my old amp and it was 360 watts rms. so this new kicker has more than double that. I just hope those little CVR's can handle it until I either replace with CVX's or build a new WO for square 10 inch L7's

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