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Title: imperials FOLDED BASS HORNS?????
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Ok Guys I need some answers here. Maybe someone can help???? I have been building speaker systems for 20 years now. I am a fabricator and own a large home theater company. I have built 100's of boxes over the years. Reciently I have been putting a lot of effort into figuring out large folded horns. A friend who is a live sound guy and I are going to build a new pa for fun. Isn't the imperial just a folded horn??? Is there a set fomula for the building of this horn or are you all just building the same box and throughing diffrent drivers in it. If so that makes no sense to me at all. Right now I am in search of fomulas for folded horns??? does anyone know of any?? I am also looking for the white papers by Tom Danley's from intersonics. You guys should check out this site as well. it has some folded horn designs. Does anyone have any plans for mid high cabinates using Mccauley drivers??
You have to check out these picks crazy sweads

some things to check out

I just fold one fomula while I was looking for a pageany insite on this
Its under tractrix horn calculator

Title: Re: imperials FOLDED BASS HORNS?????
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check this out as well you want bass in a movie theater FORGET ABOUT THESE GUYS ARE NUTZZZZZZ !!!!!!!!

Title: Re: imperials FOLDED BASS HORNS?????
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Here you go...

Horn Response Program.

Im sure you've used software to develop your bass reflex speakers for home theater in the past. Horn Response is very good, but nothing is like actually building and hearing.

All the best,

Title: Re: imperials FOLDED BASS HORNS?????
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Check out, The T36's and T48's should be right up your alley.

Title: Re: imperials FOLDED BASS HORNS?????
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There is a thread in the "speaker builder's" forum going right now that has a lot of useful info if you want to wade through all of it. There are a few pretty good designers here that know their way around a horn. I have seen all of the pages listed here and read a great deal more. The Imperial is a modification of the original Jensen Imperial horn and the plans are all over the net for that particular speaker.

As far as mid high cabinet designs, there are several more you might want to check out, but for the most part the easy to find designs are for PA systems and outdoor or "Coverage Area" stuff. Inside or HT use is not wide with horns. I love the sound of horns and have been working with a lot of designs to try and come up with ideas. There is an awesome setup out there that I haven't been able to find a link to using all Mcauley drivers in a corner loaded 4-way active set up. I bet those things are awesome at high volume (they use some huge bass woofers and are about 7 feet tall).

It also depends on the ideal of front or rear loaded. The imperial obviously has some adaptability. There are people scaling it up and down to the driver of choice and matching things up, but it sounds like you already know how to match length and cc ratios (and throat) to a given driver.

Let us know if you manage an HT with a good sound form horns.

BTW here is a page with a lot of horn loaded mid high, high, and low cabs:

Take care,

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