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Message started by Corey on 11/25/06 at 03:19:14

Title: Extreme HDT toe-in.
Post by Corey on 11/25/06 at 03:19:14

Hi everybody  :) I pray you feel as blessed as I do to own a fine pair of Decware loudspeakers.  ;D

I wanted to share with the forum my experience with an extreme 45 deg toe in using the FE206-EM driver and alternate tuning. My speakers use this original driver so I am not sure how this sounds using the DFR-8 or the EM with the donut applied but it really shouldn't make much difference.

The goal I was looking to achieve was reduced high end glare for digital.  :'(  The midrange immediacy off my 2A3 amp actually complimented the driver midrange unless the volumes got high so the focus for me is the glare.

So basically there isn't too much to say other than the speakers are toed in 45 deg.  The soundstage has completely shifted back completely to the back of my room with the singer well behind the plane of the speakers. It is just beautiful sounding in my room.  

When seated in the chair I see the driver and bass driver equal. The bass notes are really improved in my room like this as well, with the ability to hear the notes coming off the outside radiators very well. There is something about the midrange that takes on a very euphoric sound with this toe in in my room I can't explain. Probably just balanced I guess! Praise Jesus!

I can whole heartedly recommend the HDT's on a low powered SET amp. They have bass, breathtaking dynamics and their flexibilty with toe-in and great phase coherency makes them very easy to work with.

God Bless!


Title: Re: Extreme HDT toe-in.
Post by RobLikesTubes on 11/29/06 at 14:22:24

Corey, I'm  curious  to know how  your  listening  space is  set-up.

Room size:
Distance  from front/side walls:
Distance between  speakers:
Distance  from speakers  to listening  position.

Title: Re: Extreme HDT toe-in.
Post by Corey on 12/01/06 at 14:51:48


I have to get a tape measure and figure out my entire room, then I can let you know.

The layout is in a 45 deg. diamond shape:

I have also played a single speaker in cornfield configuration and had the same results. This means the speaker was played outside, off my front porch steps.  ;)  In walking back and forth, the sound took on this really natural, balanced, live tone when I got off axis at 45 deg.  As soon as I get close to on axis, and the highs open up, the sound becomes hi-fi to my ears with a perceivable glare.

Very, very flexible speaker. Took me 2 years to get them right with set up and gear but very happy. Thank you Jesus!

God Bless,

Corey  :)

Title: Re: Extreme HDT toe-in.
Post by Corey on 12/10/06 at 17:38:09


Sorry, keep forgetting to measure things for you, but here is a diagram of what it looks like and what my sound is like:

1.Lead vocals
3.Acoustic guitar(rhythym)
9.Electric chorus guitar(fills)
10.Bass guitar
11.Background vocals

The top wall is the north wall, bottom is south. The north wall has a large comforter hanging on it behind the amp. The south wall is bare. The top left X is a door way to a long hall. The X on the bottom left is an opening leading into my kitchen flanked with my couch which you can see part of. The room is 14 X 17 feet. The east wall(right side) has the curtains.

God Bless,


Title: Re: Extreme HDT toe-in.
Post by franksmith on 12/14/06 at 02:08:34

I did use them with an extreme tow-in like you do with very good results. My bigfunhorn works the same way and are at arround 40 degres.

It's best to absorb the first reflexion if you are close to latheral wall ,like in my room, else the image is very strange.

Title: Re: Extreme HDT toe-in.
Post by thedude on 01/12/07 at 23:21:48

My diagram would have a girlfriend bubble at lower left.  There would be little sparks and vocal bubbles popping out of it.   :P


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