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Message started by DaveCan on 08/30/06 at 23:15:37

Title: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by DaveCan on 08/30/06 at 23:15:37

  Last week the Taboo and DSRII 0.5m cables I ordered arrived to me here on the west coast of Canada. When I picked it up at the post office the box was in perfect shape, almost like I had brought it home from Decware myself (thanks USpost and Canada post, great job).
   I came home opened up the box and was rewarded with a beautiful site, no damage at all, and a very nice looking amp which has quite some heft to it for it's size. I was very busy last week when it arrived so I didn't get to hook it up until the weekend.
  I hooked up the amp as per the instructions and I'm using it without a pre-amp, so I have my cd player (2volts) connected via the DSRII interconnects into the Taboo and the speaker outputs on the Taboo connected via Cat5 cable soldered directly to my fe108's in BIB cabs. It doesn't get any simpler than this folks and that's what I'm following and believe in, the "KISS rule" (Keep It Simple Stupid).
  One thing I noticed is that the rectifier tube that came with the Taboo looks more like the one in the picture of the CSP2 or the Select rather than the big bulb looking one that's shown in the pic of the Taboo. The tube that came with it is a Sovtek 5y3GT and I'm not sure what the one in the pic on the site is?
  Well the important part now begin's, I pressed play on the player and settled in for a listen and all I can say is "WOW"
what a awesome sounding amp. Right from the first play until now it has been putting big smiles on my face and it's not even past the break in period yet.
 I've taken the last 3 days off of work just to be able to have the house all to myself so I can listen to it. I'm not one of those people that explains things with tons of fancy worded sentences like on some of the reviews that are out there, I guess the best way I can put it is this amp has captured me and made me very pleased that I now own it.
  I'm very happy I was able to make this purchase (finally) and have to tip my hat to Steve, DeVon and Crew for offering such a fine product and for being so easy to do business with.
                                                          Dave :)

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by DaveCan on 08/30/06 at 23:23:00

Also I forgot to say that now I'm using the Taboo hooked up to a Niles switch box sent to me from Eric (erimille) thank you Eric. I'm using it so I can run the same set of speakers between the Taboo and a Marantz HT amp and it works great with no sound deteriation that I can detect.
                                                                       Dave :)

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by Lon on 08/31/06 at 10:37:07



It only gets better from  here. . . after about six months you'll be astonished at the depth of sound.

Many happy listening days ahead! ;D

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by DaveCan on 08/31/06 at 14:48:08

Thanks Lon, to think that my amp has only about 25hrs on it at this point and it's supposed to get even better from what I'm hearing now, really amazes me  ;D   I'm still curious to know about the difference of the rectifier tube from the one that's shown in the pic on the site and even in the Taboo's manual, but it sounds so good right now I don't think I'd change anything. Well off to work today for the first time this week thanks to the Taboo, maybe I can get away early today ???                 Dave :)

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by Scotty on 08/31/06 at 15:28:11

Hey Dave,

Congrats on the purchase!  That tube in the Taboo picture is an RCA tube (you can see the letters on the base), but I can't locate any RCA 5Y3 types that have the "coke bottle" shape like that.  It almost looks like a 5U4 type, which would be the wrong type according to the specs.  Are you curious because you like the shape? Or are you wondering if different types can be substituted for the 5Y3?  I have a Mazda 5Y3 type that is like that that I got from here  It looks cool, but I don't like it as well as my plain-jane JAN-Phillips 5Y3.

Good luck, and happy listening!

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by DaveCan on 08/31/06 at 16:54:57

[quote author=Scotty
.  It almost looks like a 5U4 type, which would be the wrong type according to the specs.  Are you curious because you like the shape? Or are you wondering if different types can be substituted for the 5Y3?

 Hi Scotty,
       In the Taboo's manual it says the Taboo is designed around the 5y3GT rectifier tube but is compatible with the following alternatives: 5U4, 5AR4, GZ34 and 274B.
   I do like the shape shown in the pic of the rectifier tube on the site, but I'm loving my Taboo the way it has been delivered to me. Just curious because I'm a visual person and noticed it was different, and seeing's how I could'nt check out the amp in a store I was going by the look in the pic.
   Well I went to work and the carpenters are'nt finished yet so I'm going to have another day to listen to music :D  I have a feeling when my wife gets home today this is what she will be doing to me :-/                        Dave :)

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by Scotty on 08/31/06 at 17:34:48

In the Taboo's manual it says the Taboo is designed around the 5y3GT rectifier tube but is compatible with the following alternatives: 5U4, 5AR4, GZ34 and 274B.

D'oh!  I didn't check the manual.  It probably is a 5U4 then.  With those options, if you're like a lot of us, you'll be sinking some money into various and sundry tubes for rolling.

Anyways, I hope you'll keep us posted with your impressions as the amp breaks in. ;D

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by DaveCan on 08/31/06 at 20:23:02

Sometime later on after I've lived with the Taboo for awhile and gotten to know it really well, I think I may order a set of the exact same tubes that it came with and have them cryo'd to compare the difference etc.
  On a different note a few months back I did some interior work at one of our local TV news reporters house and saw that he had some fine audio gear, we got to talking and I told him about this Taboo amp that I was just about to order and gave him the website to check out.
  Anyhow he really likes the  Intergrated Zen Triode amp and also the Taboo and I told him when my amp gets here and is all broken in he can have it for a few days in his system. I'm leaving on a hiking trip on Sept10th for a week so he can use it that whole week and check it out. It will be neat to see what he thinks, he has a  Arcam cd player, Music Fidelity intergrated amp, Magnum Dynalab tuner, a Rega turntable (I think) and Mirage speakers. He's big into classical music and has hundreds of classical cd's.        
                                                         Dave :)

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by Lon on 08/31/06 at 22:01:50

Hmmm. . . I sense a mind about to be BLOWN. :D

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by DaveCan on 08/31/06 at 23:05:29

Me too, I think he'll be ordering one up. He really likes his speakers so I guess it will all depend on how it drives them and also if his Arcam player puts out the juice to drive the Taboo. I know he had his eye on the SE34I.2 so if the Taboo works out being enough power for his system maybe he will get that and I could get to hear it. Hmmm I wonder if he would let me use it for a few days like I'm letting him ???  Maybe I should re-think this :-/     Dave :)

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by gnat leader on 09/01/06 at 22:25:23

get yourself some of the Russian milspec sv83's (6P15P-EV marked 6П15П -ЕV or -EB) and have them cryo treated.  Makes a marked improvement and doesn't cost like the NOS stuff.

Also, I prefer a cryo treated Sovtek 12AX7-LPS (long plate) in front, and a 274B rectifier though they make less of a difference I think than the cryo SV83's

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by DaveCan on 09/01/06 at 22:55:59

Thanks for the info gnat I will give that a go sometime. I think I'd like to have a set of the exact same tubes that my Taboo came with cryo'd one day, just to see how much difference it makes. I'm real happy with the stock tubes that are in it now.
   Hey you did a group cryo buy here a ways back didn't you?, how did that work out?     Dave :)


Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by RFZ_Quest on 09/03/06 at 00:34:44


Glad to hear that you received your new Taboo! I hope that it is everything that you expected it to be. How does it sound with your speakers? I am curious as to the detailed effect that you are experiencing with your system and if you noticed just how special the spatial properties are with this amplifier.

FYI: The rectifier seen in the promotional photo was probably used just for effect. I can assure you that it would be an expensive and difficult task to provide high end (n.o.s.) RCA ST style rectifiers such as that with every amplifier that ships. It does provide a nice touch of class to the promo though.

Due to the  non-clarity of the tubes internal structure, it is really hard to distinguish the exact designation of that tube pictured but there is one give away that could lead to it being that of a 5R4GYA rectifier instead of the 5U4G type that would be more compatible with the Taboo. If you look closely, you will identify the two center rods which run vertical between the lower and upper plates. That would lead me to think of it as the 5R4GYA type which I doubt that Steve would use with this amplifier due to its characteristics but I may be wrong.

Note: I just purchased  eight very old General Electric 5U4G ST style rectifiers sealed in the original boxes and all are in  pristine condition. Having one removed from the box for inspection, I was  somewhat intrigued by the fact that these particular 5U4G’s also had the vertical center rods with some very unique construction not so common with later production models. These appear to be manufactured around the 1940’s or close to that era. Therefore it is possible that some 5U4G’s may have used this construction principal. Someone with extensive tube history could better answer that.  Eddie V. would have been the man to  ask but I am sure that Steve could answer this as well.

If this tube IS permissible with the Taboo and Steve can verify this, I would definitely go with purchasing a 5R4GYA as this tube is sonically first class. I have operated a set of these in the TORIIMK2 and found them to be the highest favored over the others tried. *Many other people have stated the same claim in general and feel the same way about this rectifier. You will need to make absolutely sure that these are compatible before using!!

You cannot go wrong with a quality set of 5U4G or 5U4GB rectifiers as the next best thing and they are well worth experimenting with. Different rectifiers will change the operating points of the amplifier so different signatures are sure to come about in the Taboos presentation. Remember, the Taboo has been biased to operate optimally with the 5Y3GT types. If you want to stay with that designation, I highly recommend finding a good RCA, Sylvania, or General Electric brand. A very strong tube in excellent shape can be easily purchased on e-bay for roughly $5.00 to $10.00 for a 5U4GB but be prepared to pay a much higher premium for the shoulder style large 5U4G as they go quick.

The GB’s have excellent quality and sound and they present the best overall bargain when considering the going price. Just verify that the tube has been checked on a tube tester  and compare the results carefully. I do not need to worry about this as I have several Hickok tube testers  for measuring the integrity of the tubes plates and general condition. (These have the capability of testing mutual conductance for driver and output tubes as well).  

Even different brands of the same tube designation will provide distinct differences in overall presentation. *While you are at it, find yourself a few different 12AX7's to try out. I recommend RCA or any other high quality n.o.s. tube.

This can make a dramatic difference in presentation and can often “make or break” the sound that you seek. Again, go for the good  n.o.s. as first choice. A current production tube which is heavily favored by many is the Sovtek  12AX7LPS. I used the military grade  6n15n-EB output tubes and found them to be far better than the standard SV83’s and those were cryogenically treated!

Experimentation is what makes it interesting  and you will eventually find this to be very enlightening to say the least.

Just as a reference, I will post some features of the tubes referred to above.

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by RFZ_Quest on 09/03/06 at 00:54:22

Here are some distinct design differences between these various rectifiers which are all usually compatable to interchange.

From left to right: RCA 5Y3GT made in the UK by Mullard for RCA. The center tube is an American made 5Y3GT by RCA. The third tube is a GZ34 - 5AR4 type with the "Blackburn" code manufactured by Mullard in Great Britain. *This is labeled for Amperex as a Bugle Boy and you can still make out the cartoon emblem and all designations.

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by RFZ_Quest on 09/03/06 at 01:01:26

These are the 5R4GYA ST style rectifiers which resemble the 5U4G tubes in appearance. The internal composition is what gives the two away. *Note the two center vertical rods.

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by RFZ_Quest on 09/03/06 at 01:24:31

Here are the 5U4G ST style rectifiers which are premium offerings and guaranteed to work in the Taboo.

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by RFZ_Quest on 09/03/06 at 01:31:39

The best BANG for your buck are with these 5U4GB newer style rectifiers.

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by RFZ_Quest on 09/03/06 at 01:38:53

And a few more "GB" types.

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by DaveCan on 09/03/06 at 03:03:18

Great info thanks  RFZ,
         I will look into getting some of those in the future and thanks for the great pics, I'm new to tubes so that really helps.
         The Taboo is everything I was hoping for and more, and I love it in its stock form.  I was able to go over to Dave's (planet10), and Chris was there also (chrisby),and I brought over my amp and BIB's, they really liked the Taboo  and said it sounded real nice with my BIB's.  Dave and Chris if your out there and want to chime in please add your own words and thoughts  :).
    Dave offered me a Mullard 12AU7A/ECC82 and a Brimar ECC83 input tube to take home and play with. We tried it with the Mullard and it sounded really nice. I'm into getting to know this amp in its stock form then maybe cryoing a set of the same tubes it came with then go from there. I need to educate myself as I'm new to all this. One thing I know is I feel I'm somewhat like Lon on the forums here, I just want to settle in and listen to my music and be happy with what I have put together.
  I've been listening to my Marantz HT amp for a long time and all I can say is when I first hooked up the Taboo to my speakers it was a whole different world, my HT amp isn't even close to being as good. I never thought there could be that much difference, now I know what all you guys have been talking about ;D.      Dave :)

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by RFZ_Quest on 09/03/06 at 23:33:40

That's a good concept to follow Dave,

It will be interesting to hear your impressions after about 200 hours have stabilized the Taboo. You are right to adjust your familiarity to the stock form first. This is the clearest way to identify how much change actually takes place with various tube rolling.

You now can find out for yourself what various options can provide in overall sound without depending on others to describe the effects. You are really going to be amazed by what lies ahead! The difference lies within the choice you make but it is never set in stone.

BTW: I was testing some of my tube collection and just happened to find the answer to the question about earlier 5U4G tube types constructed with center rods between the plates.

This tube tested at 2400 plate 1 and 2350 for plate 2 out of a maximum range of 3000 on the micromhos scale which shows to have a long healthy life ahead of it. With the smooth black plate construction, this should sound very nice.

This clearly sums up the answer to that question:

U.S. Navy contract dated 1942

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by DaveCan on 09/04/06 at 00:40:18

Thats a nice looking tube RFZ, 1942 wow ;D.  The Mullard 12AU7 that planet10 (Dave) let me take home to try does sound nice, but makes a hard pop sound from my speakers when powering up so I'm not going to use it. We listened to it at Daves and it did the same thing, kinda freaks me out. The Brimar I haven't tried yet. I guess I'm just happy with the way it is at this time in stock form.
     I can see what Steve means in the Taboo's manual when he says that with a standard 2volt source like a cd player with no pre-amp you will probably find the 12AU7 to have not enough gain, and with a pre-amp it could become your favorite tube.  It does sound really nice with that  value of tube for sure.
  Does Mullard make a 5y3GT rectifier tube?  I was thinking that maybe way down the road I might try to have all the tubes in the Taboo by Mullard if it isn't too pricey. As you can tell folks I know nothing about tubes, all I know is what the manual says with the Taboo  etc..  
   Last night it was funny, I had a Diana Krall cd playing as I was in the kitchen and my daughter Ashley 13 was in the living room flipping through a magazine totally content listening to it. I said to her wow your sitting in here listening to Diana Krall?, and she say's it sounds nice and she was just bored etc..  Now that has never happened when Diana was singing through my HT system before lol..     Dave :)

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by RFZ_Quest on 09/04/06 at 05:48:13


Take a look back on the first page and re-examine the 5Y3GT rectifiers in the first photo. The first tube on the left was manufactured in the UK by Mullard for RCA. The tube in the center is a standard RCA American made version. You can see a drastic difference in the build construction. The fat base versions are noted to have premium sound character and they do carry a higher cost to obtain. If you want the ultimate in performance, sacrifice must be made. Anything made by Mullard (especially with the "Blackburn" designator) is increasingly hard to find and they are in high demand. We all know about the effect of supply and demand.

A very good alternative which can be had very cheaply is that of acquiring military grade versions which have thicker glass and much larger bases. A good example are those with the WGTA designation preceded by the letters JAN (JOINT ARMY NAVY). These tubes are less prone to shock and vibration with a benefit gained similar to using tube dampers. Military tubes were designed to take the brutal conditions of a battlefield environment.

There are plenty of good 5Y3GT  n.o.s. rectifiers available from well respected brands such as RCA, General Electric, Sylvania, Raytheon, etc.. I have a wide selection of these from every manufacturer, so I can pretty much give a fair analysis for each in side by side comparisons. Since I have the highly regarded Mullard set as well, I can tell you from my perspective that there are indeed differences to prevail.

I will tell you up front that I found the "Mullard" made RCA to be the cream of the crop and it was a hands down decision from my experience. Depth and quality of tone were noticeably improved.

As you may recall, the Taboo used in the review process was of the older version but it is similar to what you have now. Yours has improvements which make the Taboo even better than past! It is much more attractive to say the least. The unit that I have belongs to Bob Z. (Zygi) and I have to send it back to him soon. I guess that means a new Taboo of my own is in the future.

I listened to the 12AU7 (Amperex Bugle Boy) that Bob had in the amp and I never experienced any type of popping sounds or any other odd anomalies associated with its use. Remember, just as the Taboo has been designed to operate optimally with the 5Y3GT, it too has been designed around the 12AX7 as the optimal choice. This however does not mean the best overall solution for your tastes and that is what makes this tube rolling enigma so special. You can dial in your own tailored sound to meet your specific taste in presentation. What’s right for you may subjectively be substandard by another listener's perception and interpretation. The 12AU7 is better suited along with the 12AT7 for use in the output stage of a DAC such as in the Dec685. I preferred the use of an RCA 12AX7A as the driver tube in the Taboo. Not a critical change but it seemed to work conclusively better with my configuration. It really does hinge upon the total package as every tube factor creates a subjective influence upon the entire balance.

I really found my satisfaction level with the Mullard 5Y3GT and the RCA 12AX7A. These brought out infinite detail from the Russian military output tubes. When you hit a synchronized level of tube complement, you will be rewarded with every dominating factor coming into play, thus absolutely apparent once revealed. Once you have gained unprecedented layers of depth  with unrestrained  detail unraveling into space,  and  a  tonal balance so refined that you just have to sit back and marvel in the revelation, you have accomplished your goal. This should not be a difficult task for the Taboo, as it absolutely has the potential to enthrall ones senses with very little coaxing if any at all. The finer class of tubes just add to that extra bit of special flavoring into the mix.

I cannot stress enough, the importance of room acoustics as this has been discussed many times over on the forums. This is the most critical aspect of refined listening and you will never know the true potential of your equipment until a semblance of proper frequency balance has been attained in your environment. This accounts for at least fifty percent of your perceived sound matrix and by far, this makes the most pronounced improvement.

With this established, the next stage of cable refinement and tube upgrades will then reveal their unique qualities, without the masking of detail brought on by bad acoustical colorations within the room. You will be utterly shocked by the transformation that transpires with proper room treatments. The real shock comes when these remedies are removed and you are subjected to the chaos going on around you. That once great sounding stereo now sounds completely intolerable due to the room taking over with its horrible influence.

Dave, and everyone else, if you want to take your listening experience to the ultimate level, you must take heed to this advice. Trust me as others can attest, you will be glad that you did!

I was quite pleased to see that Simon has finally taken control of this situation and everyone should take special notice to what he is doing. (See his work in the room treatment section) He is heading in the right direction for fulfilling the total package and soon he will be expressing his newfound joy with what awaits him in his new environment. One day, everyone here will hear all about his marked improvement and I will just sit back and think, there is another person who finally got the big picture! Once you become an exclusive member of this club, you don’t relinquish your membership!

Anyway, please take that in a positive perspective as many others seem not to put forth much relevancy to this crucial issue.

That is funny about your Daughter’s new found attention span to the musical likes of D. Krall. There may be more to the magic of the Taboo than what meets the eye! Now if she begins to take pleasure with household duties in a self motivated manner, please inform the crew here. Just think what that would do to inspire sales for the Taboo.

As an example, take a look at this link on e-bay. A decent tube on a budget.

Take care.


Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by DaveCan on 11/17/06 at 20:44:06

  Well I've had the Taboo for about 3 months now so time for an update..  I've changed out the stock tubes after doing some research on others to try, and also to have some spare tubes on hand etc..  The amp is absolutly fabulous with the stock tubes btw and now it's even better to my ears with the new ones I've chosen.
   Many thanks to Jim McShane for his advice and for being so easy to do business with. If you want replacement tubes for the Decware amps then a call to Steve is definately the best way to go, but if you'd like to try some nos and some tubes that he doesn't offer I highly recommend using Jim as a source.
 My amp is set up using a nos RCA 5y3gt rectifier, new issue JJ el84 power tubes and a nos RCA 5965 3 mica signal tube which was a suggestion from Jim to try out in the Taboo. I also got some new issue Tungsol 12ax7's and Dave (planet10) has lent me a cryoed Telefunken 12ax7 which has a Gold rating as tested..
  The Tungsol 12ax7 is a great sounding new issue tube in the Taboo edging out the stock Ruby, and the Telefunken edges out the Tungsol but doesn't beat the RCA 5965 to these ears..
  The Taboo has lived up to all my expectations that I had for it and then some. I would encourage anyone who has the new anniversary model to try it with a nos RCA 5y3gt, the new issue JJ el84's and a nos RCA 5965 3 mica. These tubes are very reasonable and the Taboo sounds absolutely wonderful with them.
  Lucid mode on the Taboo can just take your breath away on some recordings and make one feel so involved in the performance, I love the emotional impact that this feature can conjure up when listening to the Taboo in this mode.On some other recordings the sound is better with the lucid mode off ,so it's a real nice feature to play with and it's very unique and wonderful to have this feature on the Taboo to explore the sound with.          
                                   Dave :)

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by Lon on 11/21/06 at 17:58:48


I'm so happy you're enjoying the amp and the tube complement!

Keep on enjoying!

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by DaveCan on 11/21/06 at 23:06:48

Thanks Lon, I seem to have a real nice synergy going on with my system that keeps me coming back for more and more. Makes me think of all the great music out there that I've yet to discover...  I had thought that my cd player would have been letting me down in the sq department but I'm thinking maybe the Yamaha natural sound players aren't that bad after all ,as everything is sounding wonderful..
  Too bad the Sony players that Steve mods are discontinued I would have been very interested in getting one as an upgrade to the Yamaha I have. It would be cool if I could find a brand new one still in the box, but I guess their all quite used now, and it could be hard to tell if a player in fact has never been used, and if it's really nos etc.
 What I want in my system as money allows is upgrade the cd player, get a tuner ( used Magnum Dynalab possibly), and maybe build a small sub based on the Seas driver that Terry Cain uses in his Baily Sub. I've pondered the idea of the CSP2 but I really like the sound I'm getting going direct from source to the Taboo so I'll let that idea go to the back burner for a while, and I think I'd like 4 inputs instead of the 2 that's offered with it anyhow...         Dave :)

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by Stone Deaf on 04/17/09 at 18:42:01

I have had my Taboo long enough to do some tube rolling. As far as rectifiers go I like the Mazda 5Y3GT and have used both Mullard GZ34 and International Servicemaster GZ34 made in Japan by Matsushita which is a very, very good sounding tube. I am expecting shipment of a pair of Shuguang 574B rectifiers any day now to give them a try.

For power I am currently using TAD EL84-STR built in China for The Tube Doctor. I ran a set of these in an 18 watt Marshall Guitar Amp and they spun my head around so I tried then in the Taboo, same thing. These are the biggest sounding, loudest power tubes I have tried to date and I have tried a bunch of them. I doubt I will run out of power tubes for the Taboo, I have Genelex (New and NOS), Mullard (New and NOS) Telefunken, Simian, General, Amperex, Phillips mini watt and Russian Ps. These TAD tubes are heavy, a bit shorter and thicker than others and they really glow in the dark. Can't read a book by them but they do run warmer than the rest. My second choice is Genelex or Telefunkin, can't tell much difference between them but they do sound most excellent on softer rock and jazz.

As for the power tube I give the nod to RCA 12AX7A blackplate or clear top. Both easily best Mullard, Brimar or Amperex to my ears. I would try a Telefunkin if I had one.

Anyone out there listening to Rock music should give those TAD tubes a shot. I think you might like them.

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by Rivieraranch on 04/17/09 at 23:00:13

I am happy with the RCA 5U4GB in mine.

Title: Re: New Taboo = Happy Camper
Post by Stone Deaf on 04/27/09 at 14:16:58

The 574 rectifier tubes came Friday and after some burn in seem to have settled down. I think I am going to like them. Nothing I have tried seems to sound really bad in the Taboo, a few stand out but nothing really bad.

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