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Message started by J_Rock on 04/13/06 at 21:22:07

Title: My New Revelation
Post by J_Rock on 04/13/06 at 21:22:07

Well, I am normally a fan of the WO, since in my car with 2 infinity 10s it kills all of my bass requirements, loud, low, clean, puncy, etc.

I have a DB12 loaded with ISO kicker competitions from the 80s.  The things are seriously underpowered in my buddies car, yet they sound amazing.

Still not quite WO level.

Today however I threw in a 12 infinity I had laying around into the DB on its own with like 120 w rms.  The box came alive.  

This was amazing for 1 12.  Low end clean, infringing on the territory of my WO.  a little peak up high, but a lower XO point fixed that.    Wow though, I am tempted to go out, buy another 12, build another DB, and jam.  

All in all though, The DB really surprised me, before I thought it was an excellent design, but the WO was better, now however, loaded with a good driver and powered clean it kills.

Title: Re: My New Revelation
Post by Adrian D. on 04/14/06 at 08:20:06

try to imagine 60's old setup : rl-p 12 in db-12, with 600w rms :D

Title: Re: My New Revelation
Post by gexter on 04/14/06 at 15:00:33

that is one of the reasons I built a new DB12. Although I still think the WO has more output than the DB at a given wattage.
The DB I think has a band that is not as flat and narrow compared to the WO. But what we hear and not what is measureable is what matters.

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